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Name:Himawari Kunogi
Birthdate:Nov 27

...please don't take my sunshine away...
Profile Stats:...
Name: Himawari Kunogi
Age/Birthday: 19 - 11/27
Day Arrived: 01/02/10
Occupation: Greeter
Residence: Tower Aprt. 306
Pets: Oran - Husky: 5/19
Tanpopo - Bird: 1/1
Koiyuki - Cat: 5/13
Mun Stats:...
Name: Tori
Fandom: xxxHolic
Others in Port:

Her Ability:...
Himawari is cursed with bad luck, affecting those she comes in contact with or makes strong bonds with. It has followed her through out her life and only in the last two years has become something she can control better. She has been very careful since her first Island adventure at Salkia Island where she learned that vampires aren’t as affected by her curse and that she has a dead shot with a bow and arrow. She thinks this good shot is because of her bad luck affecting her target.

Arriving at Siren’s Port has given a new spin to her curse, giving her the ability to control her bad luck, either to take it away from people or give it to them. There is always a price though, as the bad luck must go somewhere. If she takes it away she gets it. If she gives it to someone, karma goes into effect and she receives her own curse ten-fold. After some time she will learn how to direct her bad luck, taking and giving so she and friends aren’t affected, or even controlling it to the point of it not affecting anyone at all.
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